Ideation is one of my top five strengths, and I definitely do excel at having ideas. My imagination is more cluttered than my desk, full of random thoughts, inventions, solutions for the problems that ail the world. I often think that if a mind-reader ever tried to enter my subconscious, they would run away screaming from sensory overload. The thing is, very few of those ideas ever leave my brain. Of those that do, even fewer make it out of the brainstorming phase.

I suffer a similar malady when it comes to projects. If you did a scavenger hunt in my house, you’d likely find oodles of goodies from Home Depot that all started with the best of intentions. My curse is twofold – I get easily distracted and/or discouraged. Rarely does the reality match what I pictured inside my head. It can either be because what I pictured was just a little too unrealistic, or it turns out I didn’t have the tools or abilities to complete what I started out. It’s time to change that.

Ironically, this is the point where my post takes a detour. You see, my friend, Sue, just announced that her #oneword2013 was finish. At first, I thought of changing it, because after all, I should be “original”. But then I thought, there I go again…I’m going to let some artificial reason derail me from completing a thought. So, I’m going to “finish” what I started in this post…and really I can’t think of a more Γ propos word, especially now. Plus, there’s some comfort in knowing someone else is committing to the same goal. Now, back to my regularly scheduled post.

Paramount in my list of things to finish is my dissertation. Some of you might have forgotten and not had realized that I am, in fact, “ABD”. I don’t talk about it much, more due to a self-imposed shame at not being done yet. That changes this year. I’ve got everything in place to complete it, including a support system – I just need to get by buns in gear and write. So, I’m putting it out to the world (all 20 or so of you reading this) that some time in 2014, I’ll have some extra letters at the end of my name.

There’s a few other items on my list – I’m running a half marathon in May in NJ. To even write those words would have seemed ridiculous to me a year ago. Yet here I am, having reached almost 9 miles in my longest run and preparing to run 10 in a few weeks. Even if I’m down to a “slog” (that’s the slow jog) I will finish that run. There are a few other ideas and/or projects piling on my list. I will tackle them, one at a time, and not move on to the next until I finish the previous.

Finally, I WILL finish War and Peace. Yes, it might seem a little silly, but what started out as a joke has become a mission. It is also a bit symbolic of the patterns I described above. So I have made my intentions known to the universe (and now my wife as well who is given full permission to gently remind me to finish putting the shelves up in the closet). So let it be written…

Looking forward to seeing what other folks have in store for 2013.